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The cycling in Istria is exceptional. 

Overlooking Lim Kanal on mountain bike MTB tour
Guiding and Advice

The owner is one of the few certified Croatian cycle guides in the region and is always around to either give advice or if free to take you out himself!


There are many different reasons why having a local is better but  the main one really is local knowledge of the routes and the conditions.

Anyone after all can research on the internet but it's not uncommon to find that those reviews inaccurate or just that a local has an inside track that provides a much better and tailored experience.


Additionally guides can take you to much lessor places of interest that are not widely advertised.

Istria is wonderfully unique in its varied terrain but also its microclimates. Routes that are great in winter & spring can be largely impassable in summer & autumn and vice versa.

Contact us for more information on providing advice or tours!! We're happy to help :-)

Road bike tour around Istria
Istria Bike

The local region has done brilliant work of marking routes and trails all over the region. In total there are over 4000km and the network continues to grow. If you add in the ones that are marked up for walking & hiking which for the more advanced mountain biker can be quite fun there are much much more.


Trails are grouped mainly by bicycle type: road, MTB and trekking. Besides, you can filter by difficulty (easy, moderate, difficult and Family & Recreation). You can filter by zones (regions), too.

Trails that are really maintained and kept in order are classed as "official" routes, those just with map and GPS log are „adventure“.


Or you can follow me on Strava!!

Autumn Ebike tour overlooking Rabac

It's not uncommon to see many of the national & pro cycling teams from around Europe training in Croatia in the spring.

In fact Istria holds one of the Grandfondo races in the Autumn. With the nearby Island of Losinj holding world cup events for mountain biking!

As someone wrote on Tripadvisor "The cycling was brilliant with a mix of quiet roads, paved cycle paths and gravel tracks and there were options on quite a few occasions for those who wanted a more adventurous trail." It is really as simple as that!

"We went on the most beautiful, scenic, bike ride through the Istrian countryside starting in picturesque Motovun and hiked to the top of Ucka to see some of the most stunning views that Croatia has to offer."

What surprises me about cycling in Istria is why more people aren't doing it! The roads are super quiet, very well paved rarely finding potholes and the scenery is obviously fantastic.

Panoramic view of Rabac on a winter ebike tour
Example Routes

The house is ideally situated for rides all over. For example, Komoot records rides done by the cycling community. Out of the top twenty rides in Komoot for road bikes nearly 50% go near the house with a few going directly through our village! Komoot also shows that are plenty of other rides for touring or mountain biking from or near the house. And then there are those rides suggested by the locally run Istria Bike

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